Mr. Boothe's Cell Phone Policy
Creative and clear policy to help manage the classroom

Classroom management is essential to teaching a classroom full of high school students. Cell phones and other mobile devices can serve as an incredible tool but also a major distraction. To best navigate this dynamic, it's important to have a clear and accessible mobile device policy that students can buy into. This document intends to serve that purpose.

This form accomplishes this by employing several considerations:

  • Review of the expectations regarding electronic devices
  • Student acknowledgement and taking of responsibility for their behavior
  • Opportunity for the student and teacher to provide their perspective on what happened
  • Means of documentation for students, teachers, administrators and parents
  • Clear process for what happens when a device is taken and what has to happen for the student to get it back
  • A bit of a silly and exaggerated way of expressing the "seriousness" of this policy

This single form takes all of the guesswork out of what happens when a student is using an electronic device either when or in a way that they are not permitted. After building out the template and asking a lawyer friend for some jargon, students know exactly what's at stake and what they'll have to do to resolve it. It doesn't take more than a couple minutes of inconvenience for the student and then the document can be shared with the relevant parties or filed away until needed.

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