About Me

EducatoR | Designer | Developer

My Passions


When given the opportunity to run the show, I am happy to take the stage. Whether it is in front of a group of students, leading a project, or running a campaign of Dungeons & Dragons, I thrive when I am in front of others.


Helping others gives me purpose. If it doesn't cause a greater, positive impact on those around us, we need to seriously question our intentions. I have found this in being a teacher, a partner, a brother, and a son.


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing something start as an idea and develop into reality. Taking these abstract notions, solidifying them, and supporting them with resources until they become real is what I live for.


Humans are communicative creatures and language enables us to do just that. Language is this weird thing that we try to make sense of, but is always changing given a people, a culture, or a context. It enables people to connect to one another, and without an appreciation for language, much of that humanity can be misintepreted or lost.


Phones, games, and computers aren't going anywhere. The fields of technology are expanding faster than societies can keep up. We need to carefully consider how we can leverage the affordances that these tools have to offer and not shy away.

My Goals

1. Construct compelling narratives the pull in readers despite shortcoming in other areas of the system or tool.

2. Find the balance of language where it has structure and rules, but remains subjective.