Hailing from the small rural Wisconsin town of Montfort, Maurice has come to establish himself in the “big city” as an educational designer, researcher, and teacher. After earning a degree in Spanish Education with a concentration in Computer Science, he spent four years working as a combination Spanish and Computer Science teacher in Houston, Texas. While teaching and working with groups like the Student Council and Spanish Honor Society, it was inspiring to see the impact that his work and support could have on young people. With the intention of expanding his sphere of positive change, Maurice continued his journey into the field of educational research and design.

After earning a Masters Certificate in Learning Sciences, Media, and Technology from Indiana University, Maurice attended New York University for his Master of Arts in Digital Media Design for Learning & Games for Learning. At a time when the world was in flux due to the COVID pandemic, he was on the frontlines of research as well as designing curriculum and instruction, immediately implementing and pushing the field of education with technology.

The results of these efforts include:

Maurice has also done well to demonstrate his leadership and dedication as a Gates Millennium Scholar, a Chancellor’s Scholar, recipient of the UW-Madison Leadership Certificate, and awardee of the NYU Samuel Eshborn Service award. When not consumed by his efforts to make positive change in the world, Maurice can be found throwing a frisbee, designing and playing video games, or preparing for the zombie apocalypse.